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Play2Earn is a youtube channel, we organise live custom rooms, we stream all our content live so you get opportunity to watch your game play later. Like other youtube channels we don’t want you to just play with us but we also want you to earn some thing out of your time spent. so join our custom rooms for one of a kind gaming experience. This website displays all the highlighted content of our channel, you will use this website to claim you rewards, participate in polls and much more, so create your free account on this website now and join live stream on youtube to start earning !


we have simplified the entire process, you just need to join our live streams through out the week(please subscribe for notification),
Main event on every Saturday
Step 1 > Open live stream
Step 2 > join ongoing room
Step 3 > Win!
Step 4 > Claim your Reward !
Step 5 > Enjoy!


Rewards announced in live streams can be claimed through this website. Players from Pakistan can claim Reward in cash or in-game. all other countries can claim in-game rewards only. During Live stream Rewards are mentioned according to Pakistan and numbers may vary for other countries. play2earn reserves the right to refuse your reward if there is valid reason play2earn’s word would be final in every scenario. During live streams rewards are mentioned in UC only, below is mentioned equivalent cash amounts(for Pakistan only):

50-75 UC =

148-225 UC =

230-300 UC =

325-400 UC =

600-770 UC =

800-1200 UC =

1300-1800 UC=

*amount can change any time with out notification.
* inquire for updates before sending your claim.
*claim process may take up to 10 business days.

We strive to present enjoyable show for you guys, feel free to suggest what you think can make your time more fun on our channel